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RI USA 2021

RI USA 2021 is Responsible Investor (RI)'s 13th annual conference focusing on sustainable business and finance issues in North America.

In December, it will have been a year since the Biden Administration came to power, steadily implementing ESG regulatory changes. With the COVID-19 recovery in sight - as well as COP26 to take place at the end of the year (and the US back into the Paris Accord!) - RI USA 2021 takes place at an inflection point.

This year, ESG regulatory changes will be coming from all corners as the FSOC, the SEC, the DoL and the US Federal Reserve (and more!) all move on making finance more sustainable, transparent and trustworthy. 2021 was a record shareholder proxy voting season in the US and 2022 is set to be even bolder.

And financial institutions are grappling with diversity and inclusion within their own organisations at the same time as responding to fundamental change regarding racial equality and workplace equity in their portfolios.

Will these changes suffice for the US to align its ESG standards with the rest of the world, and protect the competitiveness of US responsible investors? And is the case for fiduciary ESG-related investing now clear?

Join us at the RI USA 2021 conference and learn from the biggest institutional investors in the US on how they are addressing these developments in topical, relevant and output-driven panel discussions, case studies, and debates.

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