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Bronze Sponsor - Ortec Finance

Climate & ESG Solutions

Ortec Finance, a leading global provider of technology and solutions for risk and return management, enabling you to manage your investment decisions, has developed five tools to support you as an investor to navigate climate change.

These tools offer economic and financial insights into your investments’ vulnerabilities and opportunities - and how to act on them. Insights are quantified and expressed in financial metrics for easy integration into your investment decision-making & reporting frameworks. Our tools can be integrated into software, implemented separately, or utilized in various combinations depending on your specific needs.

Navigate a changing climate with state-of-the-art customizable solutions for climate resilient investment decision-making.


- Climate scenario analysis

- Climate-aware Strategic Asset Allocation & ALM

- Alignment to Net Zero

- Forward-looking extreme weather risk

- TCFD & regulatory disclosure

- AI driven ESG analytics

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Lisa Eichler, Co-Head Climate & ESG Solutions at Ortec Finance 



Willemijn Verdegaal, Co-Head Climate & ESG Solutions at Ortec Finance



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